How do you even start posting photos about 2 people who have been together 12 years? Agile and Kevin were high school sweethearts who met in the 11th grade during English class. And of course as high schoolers usually do, it was up to phone calls and instant messenging to keep that high school crush alive. Eventually, during a walk home, Kevin asked Agile to be his girlfriend and that was the start of a budding relationship. For those who have ever been in a high school romance, life is merely starting: college happens then careers and it can be a challenge, but Agile and Kevin pulled through.

10 years down the road, they took a relationship anniversary trip to Bail, Indonesia. On the morning of their anniversary, they hiked up Mt. Batur to see the sunrise and little did Agile know, Kevin was about to propose. He got down on one knee and the rest is just beginning.

Fast forward to January 2020, Agile found out they were expecting, but at the time Kevin was away on a trip and so she decided to surprise Kevin during breakfast by wrapping a mason jar filled with two positive pregnancy tests. Safe to say Kevin was awestruck as the excitement of parenthood flooded in.

Of course in January we didn't know much about how the pandemic would take hold on everyone's lives and change it forever, but despite all the changes and challenges that we all faced, Agile and Kevin had nothing but happiness and thankfulness in their minds. Unwavered with the pandemic, they got married through a civil ceremony.

The dynamics and the love between these two are unquestionable and I cannot wait for the arrival of their baby boy! To celebrate their maternity, we headed up to Malibu. All it took was this beautiful momma-to- be dressed in blue, amazing weather, the beautiful ocean and her husband Kevin to make the session a magical (and fun!) evening.

Malibu sunset looks good on these two.

Film Processing: Richard Photo Lab | Portra 800 | Maternity Dress: Pink Blush Maternity