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Sam & Kayla Engagement | Paramount Ranch | Agoura Hills, CA

2 Friday’s ago I was ready to pull hair and teeth when water poured down from the heavens.  I was also stuck on the 405 going 15 miles per hour because it turned into a horizontal water slide.  “Please don’t let this be the weather tomorrow…pplleeaassee”.  The worry wart that I am, I was ready to call my client and come up with a Plan B.

The following day came and brought with it a cool breeze and plenty of sunshine, and pollen!

Kayla and Sam pulled up right next to us on the dirt lot and hugs were in order.  I suppose I failed to mention that I’m a hugger? I’m friendly light that.  Kayla had previously e-mailed me her and Sam’s weddingday color palette and as I opened the attachment, I was overwhelmed with “awwwwww”.  The colors were fantastic.  Kayla and Sam stepped out of the car and well, I was “awwing” again because their outfit was so perfect for the location and weather: the greys, yellows, it was great.  I guess you can’t really expect nothing less from a graphic designer right?  Yes, Kayla is a graphic designer.  We shot around the rolling hills and Western Town of Paramount Ranch and the day ended without a hitch.  So here’s the 4-1-1 on this fun couple:

– Kayla is NOT a girly girl.  Ohh yes, watch out Kayla, I may just have you do some acrobatic pose during your wedding and the crazy thought is…I don’t doubt you’ll do it.

– Sam can look GQ in both composed or candid shots, you’ll see.

– Kayla is one of those women whose hair (even when in the middle of extreme wind conditions) looks good.  I on the other hand look like I just stepped out of the ocean with stands of hair looking like it was caught between sand paper and the wind.

– There’s something quite special about Kayla’s engagement ring.  It’s special because it belonged to her 3rd great grandmother, making the ring over 150 years old.  Can’t get any more special than that.

– The home town of Jack Daniel’s…it’s a dry town.  This is a little trivia from Sam.  I’m sorry Lynchburg, I don’t think we’ll ever meet.

CONGRATS Sam & Kayla! September can’t come soon enough.















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